Seminar Rooms

Seminar rooms at Kiental

DO-JO (195m2)

Beautiful, bright, harmoniously designed and light filled space with breathtaking view of the mountain panorama. If needed, this space can be separated into two separate spaces with a curtain.











Size: 16.5m x 14.3m (195m2), layout DO-JO .

Infrastructure: professional audio system for concerts and dance events, mixing table with inputs for microphones, laptop, iPad/ iPod and digital music sources. Internet through cable or wireless (WLAN 1)). Additional Equipment.

Floor: beech parquet, massive (with underling dance floor).

Use: Up to 120 for example for dance workshops, up to 330 standing places or 220 sitting places for concerts, up to 60 people for body work on futon or massage table.


Tilia (60m2)

Snug and playful space with a happy feeling.

Size: 8.1m x 7.5m (60m2), layout Tilia.

Infrastructure: Internet via cabel oder wireless (WLAN 1)). Additional Equipment.

Floor: beech parquet, massive

Use: courses, business events, seminars, movie nights, lectures.


Oak (58m2)

Bright, light flooded space with a great acoustic.

Size: 8.2m x 7.1m (58m2), layout Oak.

Infrastructure: Internet via cabel oder wireless (WLAN 1)). Additional Equipment.

Floor: floating oak parquet.

Use: music- and singing workshops, courses, congresses, lectures.


Lotus (45m2)

Half round space in the basement with a meditative feel and a beautiful view of the garden.

Size: 7.5m x 7.2m (45m2), layout Lotus.

Infrastructure: Internet wireless (WLAN 1)) on demand. Additional Equipment.

Floor: spruce, massive

Verwendung: bodywork, meetings and presentations.


Seminar rooms in Chiene-Huus ​

​The newly built WOOD100 guest house is situated right next to Kientalerhof main house.

On the lower floor next to the course room there is a lounge that invites you to relax by the fireplace, on the sofa or in the chair lounge.


Seminar room ​Amber ​​ (117 m2)

Fully equipped course room on the ground floor of Chiene-Huus. It has a square form, an oakwood floor and is about 3 meters high. The open window front has an inviting effect and connects you to the powerful Kiental mountains.






Seminar room ​Glina  (58 m2)

A pretty seminar room for smaller groups right next to the room of silence and the treatment center on the top floor of Chiene-Huus.


On the top floor of Chiene-Huus, there is a treatment- and ayurveda center. Next to it is the room of silence that is open to all our guests.



Seminar room Kiental on the nature farm (Naturhof)

Seminar room „Naturhof“ (75 m2)

From Kientalerhof main house it is a 12 minutes walk to our nature farm (Naturhof), next to the river Chiene.
There is a seminar room, a leisure area and lots of outdoor space including a fireplace. This room is especially suited for groups who like to be outside. Smaller groups can also rent this room additionally as a dormitory for 8-10 people.







Size: 7x10m = 70m2

Infrastructure: Small kitchen and dormitory for about 10 people, Wifi


Boden: Vinylboden(Parkettlook)

Suitable for: creative and musical courses, bodywork, meditation







In the garden, there is a big meadow and a big fireplace that is well suited for sweat lodge rituals.


Seminar room Kiental in the former school house

School house (106m2)

Quiet, bright room, can be divided in half with sliding door, integrated sink, 3 minutes to walk from Kientalerhof main house.

Size: 8.5 x 7m und 7,8 x 6 m, in total 106 m2

Infrastructure: Bathroom facilities, NO Wifi available, additional equipment.

Floor: beechwood floor

Suitable for: creative and musical courses, bodywork, meditation

2) Please note that in the village cell phones  only have  reception with Swisscom.


Seminar room Wetzikon, canton of Zurich

Seminar room in Wetzikon

Generous, bright and beautiful room.
Size: 85 m2
Floor: Beechwood floor
Suitable for: Bodywork, meditation, workshops, talks/speeches

Tanja Oesch is happy to provide you with more information about the course room in Wetzikon. Tel. personal +41 78 850 40 84, office +41 33 676 26 76