School of Bodytherapy

School for Body Therapy

The Kientalerhof offers professional educations and continued educations of different methods in its School for Body Therapy. The School for Body Therapy works together closely with the professional associations, the registration offices for therapists and the ”Organisation der Arbeitsweld OdA” (organisation of the professional world, which mentors the work on the new Swiss profession ”Body Therapist” with a higher qualification exam.

The School for Body Therapy is continuously developing its quality and is certified with the quality label EduQua (according to the new 2012 guidelines). This is to ensure that the educations and continued educations of the Body Therapy schools are in accordance with the current requirements and that our graduates acquire the best possible prerequisites to get the necessary certification and that they can successfully integrate themselves professionally in society.

The School for Body Therapy is a part of the Kientalerhof and is liable to the general guidelines of the Kientalerhof and the guidelines of classes held at the Kientalerhof. The School for Body Therapy offers its educations and continued educations in a residential form at the seminar- and guesthouse Kientalerhof as well as in a non-residential form at the course locations in Wetzikon ZH and Uzwil SG.