A new software for Kientalerhof

Dear friends of Kientalerhof

Since many years our workstudy program has been an integral part of what makes Kientalerhof this special place of community providing a fertile ground for countless beautiful encounters.

Next year we want to take the approach of our workstudy program a step further and gather a group of IT enthusiasts to create a new open-source and web based software, which will help us and potentially many similar places to efficiently manage all our internal processes.
Many people in the IT world struggle to find a balance between the intensive mind work and the physical world – their body, their fellow human beings and a connection with nature.
We want to provide an experience where this balance can be regained – through daily meditation and Qi Gong exercises as well as introduction to different body work methods. The stunning nature of Kiental with its impressive mountains being right in your face and its rushing river and creeks helps you to reconnect to yourself – right here with your feet on the ground.

We want to create a strong group body with a focus on mutual support and learning whilst using modern and agile software development methods.
We are looking for people ideally with experience in software development, CRM and ERP systems.

For more details on joining us on this software- and self development program please write directly to Mario Binetti (mario.binetti@kientalerhof.ch).

Or maybe you have a friend who works in IT or is into programming and you think he or she would profit from such a program, then pease spread the word.